Review Policy

First off, thank you so, so much for considering me as a potential reviewer! It means the world to me that you’ve browsed through my blog and wish for me to review your book! However, there are a couple of things that I need to establish to help narrow things down. Aside from college, I’m also currently running my own business, which means I’m extremely busy on a daily basis. Please note I cannot guarantee that I will be able to review your book. Certain factors must be considered, such as time constraints and my personal interest in the book itself.

If I do accept your request, it will take a while for me to get a review up, mainly because I like to let my thoughts/ feelings simmer for a day or two before I actually write them out.

When contacting me for a review, please include the following in your e-mail:

◊ Title, Genre & Summary
◊ Publisher
◊ Page Length
◊ Release Date
◊ Format


◊ Deadline (if you want my review up on or before a specific date)

Believe me when I say I would love to simply accept any book from any genre and write a review of it. But like everyone else, I have my own taste in books, and I honestly don’t think I’d be able to give a good review of a book from a genre that I’m not well-versed in. I’m more likely to accept YA books in general, but I’m fine with NA/Adult books as well.


Historical Fiction


Urban Fantasy


Paranormal Romance

Books that contain PoC/LGBT+ are a plus for me, as well as books written by my fellow Filipinos and/or books that feature a Filipino protagonist!

Format? I accept both e-books (not PDFs) and physical copies, though I prefer the latter.

My reviews have three parts to them. First is the Review portion, where I post a brief review of the book. Second is the Rating itself, which is out of five. Last is the Rambles portion, which contains my spoiler-filled thoughts. These are all my personal opinions and I do my best to be honest when writing them. As a general rule, I do not include the Rambles portion when reviewing ARCs of books given to me before its release.

Apart from posting on my blog, I also post my reviews on Goodreads. If you’d like me to post anywhere else (such as Amazon), feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading!