#AUGVOCACY2018: How leisure reading and learning go hand-in-hand

You know what I find weird? People who equate the act of reading solely with academics.

I kid you not, I have met many people and have had countless conversations about it. Academics = reading. Leisure reading? What even is that?

What’s worse is I’ve also met people who seem to think reading for fun is… well, pretty much useless. I suppose they go into the assumption that leisure reading = cheesy romance stories, unrealistic fantasy novels, and overdone dystopian YA.

Basically, fiction.

If it’s not math or science or history or the bible, you ain’t learning anything useful, apparently.

Well, that sort of thinking is absolutely wrong. For the sake of this post, I’m also going into the assumption that leisure reading = fiction. (That’s not to say people can’t or don’t read non-fiction for fun. Any kind of leisure reading is 100% valid.)

So how do leisure reading and learning go hand-in-hand, you ask? Here’s a short list of awesome stuff you end up learn when you read for fun.

♦ Words

This is a given. Obviously, if you’re gonna be reading, you’ll also be soaking up a ton of vocabulary goodness. Yum! And you know what the best part is? You’re not even limited to a single language. I’m bilingual, and reading in both English and Filipino has done wonders for my grammar and communication skills.


This one’s a bit 50-50 because not everything you read in a book will be historically accurate. But it’s a good way to ease people into certain historical events or timelines because let’s face it, history class can be boring to some. And let me tell you, the bits and pieces of historical knowledge l’ve picked up while reading for fun has saved my ass more than once during history classes in college.


How many of us have had stereotypical views of other cultures? And how many of us haven’t the slightest idea of what other cultures are truly like? Or even our very own ones? Because yeah, I’ve been in those shoes once before. Reading easily fixes that by giving us a new pair of shoes to walk around in every time we open a new book.


Yes, you learn a lot about yourself when reading. And no, you don’t have to be reading a self-help book in order to do so. Reading is a very solitary activity and not only are you spending your time in another person’s mind but you’re spending a lot of time in your own as well.


Ah, the most important thing you can learn from reading. In my opinion, anyway. When we read books, we spend our time inside another person’s mind. We live their lives, witness their struggles, and triumph in their victories. And if these stories give us the ability to laugh, cry, love, hate, get pissed at or find inspiration from people we’ve never even met or are fictional? We end up learning to do the same for people in real life.

And there we have it! I hope you learned something from reading my post (I mean, of course you did. I just explained how reading and learning go hand-in-hand like 5 seconds ago…)

So for those of you who don’t know yet, the wonderful Shealea from That Bookshelf Bitch came up with the super awesome #AugVocacy2018. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this advocacy! Go check out the post that kickstarted it all by clicking the link below (go on, it’s awesome)

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 9.13.35 PM#AUGVOCACY2018Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 9.13.35 PM copy

Aside from all that, Shealea is also hosting a giveaway for a copy of The Land of Forgotten Girls by Erin Entrada Kelly. This giveaway is open to both PH residents and International folk, so what are you waiting for? Make sure to enter the giveaway here!

And for those of you who want to check out the schedule of events, here’s a list of all the #Augvocacy2018 participants and the dates they’ll be posting their own little pieces! ❤

Augvocacy 2018 schedule (01)



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