UNBOXING || February FairyLoot

Time for my monthly FairyLoot unboxing! The theme for February is Twisted Tales. As usual, the box was packed with amazing goodies. FairyLoot never ceases to amaze me.




First item that came in the box is this gorgeous ‘Grimm Tales’ Mug by Aunjuli Art and let me tell you, I. AM. IN. LOVE. This might just be my favorite Fairyloot item so far! The art features several Grimm fairytales, ranging from Hansel and Gretel to Rapunzel.




Next is this Little Red Riding Hood bookmark by Ink and Wonder. I’m so, so glad that Fairyloot included this! I’ve been wanting to buy one one of these wooden bookmarks for forever but shipping expenses are monstrous and I’d have to sacrifice eating for a week… which I am not prepared to do because food is way too delicious.



Aaaaand from Wick and Fable comes this Hinterland candle! It smells of oakmoss and tea leaves. I absolutely love getting candles even though I don’t actually light them because I don’t want to use them up (which defeats the purpose of a candle entirely but eh)




Also included in the box is this super cute pair of Witch & The Gingerbread House socks! Clearly inspired by Hansel and Gretel, the socks are patterned with gingerbread houses and witch hats. Then there’s the Poisonous Apple Bath Salts from Little Heart! Now I just need to go find myself a bathtub to use them in…


Last in the box is the book of the month: The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert! This edition is exclusive to FairyLoot and signed by the author. I’m still trying to figure out which version of cover I like better. I love the regular one but this is just as gorgeous!


That’s it for this month’s unboxing! The theme for March is Memorable Moments, and the box is supposed to include items inspired by LoTR, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Shadowhunters. Going by the theme alone, I really wasn’t sure what book will be featured in the next box. But after reading the description on the Instagram post, I think I miiiiiight know what it is. At least, I’m hoping I’m right about my guess (if I am, then it’s going to be another highly anticipated book of 2018 ahhhh)

Interested in getting a box? Check out the FairyLoot website!






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