TOP 5 WEDNESDAY || 2018 Wishlist

And here we are! The last T5W for the year! I’ve had so much fun doing the weekly topics… even if I’ve been incredibly inconsistent with posting ahahaha! Anyway, this week is my 2018 Wishlist a.k.a. the types of books, themes, genres, or tropes that I’d like to see more of this upcoming year.

F/F Fantasy

Obviously there’s still a lack of diverse books in the market, especially fantasy books that feature wlw relationships. Give me more classic fantasy stories in which the maiden in the tower is rescued by a woman knight. Give me lesbian/bisexual/pansexual fairytale retellings. Give me a badass protagonist and her girlfriend going off on a quest to slay a dragon together.

Platonic M/F friendships

I’ve read my fair share of M/M friendships as well as F/F friendships but M/F friendships? Rare gem right there. We. Need. More. Platonic. Relationships. Between. Men. And. Women. Listen. I’m complete trash for romance but I’m also trash for well-developed friendships/relationships in general, and I want me some M/F relationships without romance involved.

Average Love Interests

I cannot express how exhausted I am reading about overly attractive people. I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if I’m reading from the first person PoV of a character, they would undoubtedly think their intended love interest is attractive. But please, for the love of God, give me average looking guys and gals and enbys. You don’t have to think that your love interest is the most attractive person in the world to actually love them.

Familial Relationships

YA isn’t really known for having strong familial relationships since most of the time, parents are either a) abusive assholes, b) missing or dead, or c) passive/completely unaware of what their children are up to. I need awesome parent-children bonds. Also, awesome sibling bonds, please and thank you.

Single Ladies

Disney’s been churning out movies with single ladies lately and in my opinion, YA needs to do the same. It’s still so damn difficult to find a YA novel that doesn’t have an ounce of romance in it. All I wanna do is read about badass women who go on adventures and save the world without having to fall in love. *waves hands* Aros and aces exist too, you know.


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam (Thoughts on Tomes) and created by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) on Goodreads. Interested? Join in the fun!


5 thoughts on “TOP 5 WEDNESDAY || 2018 Wishlist

  1. I want badass girlfriends slaying dragons too! Good point about the average love interests, it bizarre how the love interest always has to be the most attractive person ever. Cause like…people have different types? I’d also love to read about a love interest whose eyes are just blue or brown or green. Not *a dazzling blue deeper than the deepest ocean and peppered with flecks like green and yellow leaves swimming on it’s surface* 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg yes! Honestly, it’s so weird how eyes are described so vividly, especially in first person PoV cause I don’t know a single person who notices “flecks of green or gold or whatever” when looking at someone’s eyes for the very first time 😂😂 I think it’d be much more endearing if they noticed little imperfections instead, and it’d definitely set the love interest apart from others, too!


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