TOP 5 WEDNESDAY || Nostalgic Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Back with my not-so-weekly T5W! This week’s topic was another difficult one. While making the list, I realized I didn’t actually have that many fictional crushes growing up. Took some time to scroll through my Goodreads account and attempt to recall if I liked anyone from the books I’ve read in the past hahaha!


Warren Burgess (Fablehaven)

Oh my god. I had a crush on him for the stupidest reason. He was described by one of the main characters to be exceedingly handsome. Yep. That was it. That was the exact moment I fell for him. He wasn’t even a main character and I barely got to read about him. Wonderful, isn’t it? But okay, in my defense, I was a little kid back then so I think it’s a bit understandable that I’d like a character solely because they were attractive.

Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)

I’ll be honest. The fact that Orlando Bloom played Legolas in the movies miiiight have something to do with it. Again, basically the same reasoning as Warren. Legolas was attractive, and I spent a good chunk of my childhood swooning over him. I did learn to admire his actual character as I grew up, and I totally still love him enough to keep a poster of him in my room (though I wish I had one of Aragorn too…)

Aaron Warner (Shatter Me)

We have a problematic one! I hated Warner in Shatter Me but by the time Ignite Me rolled around, I was in love with him. This was the first series I had ever read that had the protagonist end up with the second love interest, which I think was one of the few reasons why I became so fond of Warner. Usually, it’s easy to figure out who the endgame is but Shatter Me caught me off guard. Plus, I really adored how Warner had so much faith in Juliette and her abilities. Like yes please, give me a man who believes in me, thanks.

Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl)

Ah, middle school me was head over heels for him. First off, he’s a fucking child genius, and I’m a sucker for intelligent beings. Second, he was ruthless and cunning. Yeah, I know that’s a weird reason to fall for a character. Middle school me was strange. Third, he shared a name with a Greek deity. Another weird reason but hey, I was a huge fan of Greek mythology waaaaay before Percy Jackson became popular (HIPSTER ALERT)

Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

I feel like this is one that a lot of people can relate to. It’s Peter Pan. He’s a kid who can fly and likes to go on adventures. What’s not to love about him? I used to hope (with so much pain) that one day Peter would show up at my window and take me away. Then I realized he probably wouldn’t be able to find me since I don’t live in London, and all my hopes and dreams were flushed down the toilet. (Sidenote: I had the biggest crush on Jeremy Sumpter when he played Peter Pan in the 2003 movie gahhh)

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