UNBOXING || October FairyLoot

Woohoo! My very first unboxing! I’ve been wanting to get one of these subcription boxes for a while and I decided on giving FairyLoot a go cause I’m a sucker for fantasy books. Compared to other subscription boxes, this one’s preeeeeetty expensive but honestly? It was worth every. damn. cent. I mean LOOK:


There are two books. TWO. And one of them is an exclusive edition! Plus tons of bookish merch. So yeah, I can safely I have no regrets purchasing the October FairyLoot box.

First item is a Maleficent themed candle from Meraki Candles! Talk about the ultimate villian. I’m a huge Disney nerd (like HUGE) so I got really excited when I saw this!  It smells like Jade Orchid & Lotus Blossom (a.k.a HEAVEN).




Next is this super cute pocket mirror with a quote from The Young Elites by Marie Lu! Totally thought this was a pin at first so I was kinda surprised when I flipped it around and saw my face staring back at me. Oops.




Okay now here’s an actual pin! It’s an exclusive Death Eater enamel pin from House of Wonderland! I don’t wear pins but I do like to collect them so this’ll be going on my pin shelf!



Then there’s this Moriarty-inspired coaster designed by Evie Seo! I’ve been wanting to get myself a new coaster to keep in my room so this came at the perfect time! And the design is just gorgeous!





There were some art prints too! The one on the left is a print of Mik and Zuzana from Night of Cake and Puppets (which I have yet to read). The one on the right is another design from Evie Seo: a print of a quote from The Aenid.




Also included is this set of postcards with the artwork from The Langauge of Thorns! Being a fan of Leigh and the GrishaVerse, this is probably one of my favorite items in the box!


So this exclusive edition of The Language of Thorns was the incentive I needed to finally subscribe to Fairyloot. Once I found out that they were including this in the October box, I was like, “Yeah, okay, I NEED this.”



Finally we have the main book that comes in the box: Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao! There’s also a signed bookplate, a letter from the author, the Fairyscoop interview, the spoiler card, and a bookmark featuring this month’s artwork!


FairyLoot definitely exceeded my expectations. I decided to grab the November box as well just because I liked the theme, but after actually getting all these bookish goodies, I think I’ll just go with the monthly subscription plan!

Interested in getting a box? Head on over to the FairyLoot website and check em out!






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