TOP 5 WEDNESDAY || Favorite Creepy Settings

Time for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday! Or Friday since I’m posting this two days late hahaha! Better late than never, I guess! So I’m kinda weird when it comes to horror stuff. Sometimes, I get scared easily. Other times, it takes a lot for me to get freaked out, which is why my list isn’t in any particular order. Here are the five (non-horror) book settings that managed to make my skin crawl!

The Basement from Stalking Jack The Ripper

I won’t be spoilery about this but for those of you who have read Stalking Jack the Ripper, you know what I’m talking about. That part creeped me the fuck out. Not in a scary sense, but more like it was disturbing? Really, really disturbing *shudders*

The Other World from Coraline

So of course this actually isn’t creepy at the beginning since it’s basically a better version of Coraline’s world. But as the story progresses, the house slowly loses its glamor, and shows itself for what is really is. Though admittedly, there is something creepy about finding a perfect version of your house behind a locked door… especially when the inhabitants have buttons for eyes.

The Subway from This Savage Song

There’s something scary about being in a pitch black subway filled with monsters that lurk in the darkness. Imagine walking underground with absolutely no people around. All you can see are eyes, teeth, and claws in the shadows, while repetitive whispers of creepy phrases fill your ears. Yikes.

The Wood from Uprooted

A forest that is literally alive. Almost conscious, even. I’ve always thought Agnieska was so brave to be able to go into the Wood. Then again, she has magic so I guess that helped her. I mean, since all I can probably do is throw my shoe at the trees and run away, I think it makes sense that the Wood would creep me out…

The Marsh from Wonder Woman: Warbringer

This is a really short scene in Warbringer but it managed to do its job. I don’t know if this was because I’d been listening to semi-creepy music while I was reading  but this scene sent a shiver down my spine. The way Bardugo crafted the swamp and, by extension, the Oracle’s cave, was terrifying.


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam (Thoughts on Tomes) and created by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) on Goodreads. Interested? Join in the fun!


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