TOP 5 WEDNESDAY || Books Without Romance

I figured I was going to have a hard time thinking of books I’ve read that had little to no romance in them since I’m trash for romance, but apparently I’ve read more non-romance books than I thought. Without further ado, here’s my post for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday!

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Okay so it’s been years since I last read this but I used to love this book when I was younger! From what I recall, there wasn’t any romance. Scarlett and Bod’s relationship seemed more platonic than romantic to me, though I might actually have to reread the book to see if I perceive them differently.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Treasure Island has to be one of my favorite classic books of all time. I loved the movie Treasure Planet and I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid. When I found out it was actually based off Treasure Island, I didn’t hesitate picking up the book!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Caroll

Big fan of the film. These are two separate books but since the version I own is a single book combining both stories, I decided to count them as one, too. Possibly one of the most well-known children’s classics, they deal with strange worlds, unique creatures, and of course, the unforgettably eccentric characters.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

When it comes to the movies, I vastly prefer the Lord of the Rings. Buuuut when it comes to the books? The Hobbit, hands down. Probably because I could never get into the LotR books until after I read the Hobbit (which I thought was an easier read in comparison).

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

I read this in my sophomore year of high school as a requirement for English. I really hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did. The Joy Luck Club focuses on four traditional Chinese mothers and their relationship with their daughters, who were born and raised in America. I watched the movie adaptation too and that one had me bawling at the end!


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam (Thoughts on Tomes) and created by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) on Goodreads. Interested? Join in the fun!


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